Hawaii Florists & Shippers Association

Meet the Experts in Growing, Packaging and Moving Live Tropical Products

Hawai‘i’s spectacular tropical flowers and multi-hued greenery are prized products throughout the world. The professionals who grow, package and ship
Hawai‘i’s exotic flora and fauna are members of the Hawai‘i Florists & Shippers Association (HFSA).

Founded in 1948, the organization is a statewide network of professional florists, growers, nurseries, shippers and support industries directly connected to Hawai‘i’s horticultural industry. Working together, HFSA members offer consumers a quality product that is nurtured in the nursery, packed with precision and delivered to the doorstep.

HFSA members enjoy a national account agreement with FedEx for favorable shipping rates, allowing businesses to price their products competitively while oil prices climb. HFSA also provides a unified voice to negotiate other contracts and insurance programs. How to Join